August 18: Woman injured on Ohio roller coaster, Fans react to new Jeopardy hosts


(WKRG) — This first story is straight out of final destination and definitely my nightmares, a piece of metal broke off of a roller coaster and hits a woman in the head.

‘Beyond bad’: Amusement park guest injured after metal object falls from roller coaster, strikes her in head

Over the weekend a woman was hit by a flying metal object as the ride was coming to a stop. Thrill-seekers in the park say her injuries were really bad but there has been no update from officials since.

Back in 2004- four people were injured by debris coming off the same ride’s launch cables.

Looking at the most recent study performed this spring, there were areas of remarks when it came to the ride’s restraints and functionality. The ride was to be inspected again next month.

Poll finds ‘Jeopardy!’ fans overwhelmingly wanted LeVar Burton, not Mike Richards to host

Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik were named the new hosts of jeopardy and polls show the fans are not on board with that decision.

A study from the morning consult shows star trek actor and guest host LeVar Burton had more support from fans than Richards. Bialik also pulled a higher rating than Richards, but so did legendary contestant Ken Jennings.

While Richards does the daily game show, this is not his first hosting gig. Richards also worked on ‘The Pyramid’ and ‘Beauty and the Geek.’

Daphne man fills Prichard potholes out-of-pocket

A Daphne man is filling potholes in Prichard, out of pocket.

John Tesch has spent the last few days in Prichard neighborhoods just off Main Street.

A City of Prichard spokesperson says there’s a crew that addresses potholes daily and they patched up several potholes about a month ago on Magee Street.

Tesch says people around town keep pointing him to more problem areas. Tesch says it’s not about the money, it’s about trying to put some integrity back in the world and let them know there’s somebody out there looking out for them.

Reminds me of an old phrase my family used to say ‘If you want something done right. Do it yourself.’
Of course, we don’t really know if he did this up to the city’s construction standard.

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