Ask Danny: A Project for Your Bathroom


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Here is a transcript of our conversation:

Chad:  This next question involves the most sensitive area of the house, the bathroom, this person says I want to frame a bathroom mirror but only two sides are open the other side is against a wall, how can I adhere the molding?

Danny:  Okay I know exactly what they’re talking about.  You know so many times you have a mirror that has no framework on it and what a difference you could make by simply putting some wood around it.  First of all I would suggest finishing whatever it is, priming painting or staining whatever it is.

And then when you’re ready to adhere it, construction adhesive.  It’s one of the greatest things around I’ll tell you.

Chad:  Alan Lyle was telling me you love construction adhesive.

Danny:  People kid me about how much adhesive I use, but it works in so many different ways and the reason I like it, it allows you to use fewer nails or screws to attach things.  The example of a mirror trim like that you put some construction adhesive on the back and you put it on the wall.  Here’s a trick:  burping it.  You just take it and move it away just a little bit and it will kind of string out on you a little bit introducing air into it, put it back on and it’s there especially good quality construction adhesive many times you’ll not even need a single nail but sometimes that’s all you need is just the one nail to get it to tack up and it looks great.  Make sure it’s level because you won’t be able to move it later.

Chad:  Is there a better or best type of molding for your bathroom considering you have a lot of moisture in there.

Danny:  That’s an important park the moisture can make it expand and contract, that’s why if you will prime or paint it or stain it ahead of time including all edges and all ends.  Go ahead and pre-cut it.  Make sure you are priming all of the backside, the front side the whole thing so that moisture can’t get in and affect by expanding and contracting.

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