A national tour aims to teach young drivers the dangers of driving impaired or distracted driving. UNITE’s Arrive Alive tour made a stop at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School on Wednesday.

Arrive Alive uses virtual reality to put students behind the wheel “impaired” or “distracted.”

Sanden Nelson participated in the impaired driving simulation. “As soon as you turned it wouldn’t turn as soon and when you looked around, it had a delay,” said Nelson.

After students completed the simulation, they were given a written ticket with what they would have been cited for if they were pulled over.

The Arrive Alive tour hit home for Sue Chapman. Her sister was nearly killed in a distracted driving accident. “Someone else was distracted and she was crossing going over onto the interstate,” said Chapman. “She had the light and they didn’t and they ran and hit her and almost hit her off.”

Chapman hopes the tour helped her fellow classmates see how dangerous distracted and impaired driving can be.