PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A memorial continues to grow outside of “In His Arms Christian Academy” after a three-year-old girl was found dead inside one of the daycare vans. Today, we’re learning more about what happened that Friday.

We got our hands on the arrest report on Louvenia Johnson and Cornel McGee. The report explains that when deputies got on scene, paramedics were frantically working on three-year-old Jai’Nier Barnes around one in the afternoon.

One detail revealed in the report is that Johnson says she took the sleeping girl out her car seat once they got to the Daycare Center. She goes on to say, “She must have laid back down and went back to sleep.”

Johnson told deputies she assumed the little girl exited the van.

According to the report, McGee drove the van and Johnson told him “Jai’Nier is asleep.”

But he says he never saw the child exit the van. McGee also claims he looked in the rear view mirror and did not see any children.

Both Johnson and McGee signed a transportation log saying no children were in the vehicle.

McGee goes on to say the doors are always left unlocked and said Jai’Nier could have exited the van unless she was too weak from the heat.

In the report, it also lists the cause of death as Hyperthermia.

For now, the daycare is still closed. Both Johnson and McGee are charged with aggravated manslaughter.