Another car found submerged at Bayou Sara boat launch, two years after Danniella Vian’s


Saraland, Ala. (WKRG)-A bizarre coincidence of another vehicle recovered from Bayou Sara near the date of the anniversary Danniella Vian’s remains were found.

The disappearance of Danniella Vian has been a story baffling to many for years. And now just two years after her car was found submerged in the water at the Bayou Sara boat launch, more light has been shed. Joshua Gibbs, a captain with Daphne Search and Rescue posted about that submerged vehicle on Thursday.

Gibbs saying “Here it is we stand here on the 3rd of May, the actual two years to the day that her vehicle was removed from the water and in that same week someone else, there was an opportunity by accident or incident to end up in the water here.” Thankfully no one was in the truck at the time and it was recovered fairly quickly from the time it entered the water, but of course, with Monday being the anniversary of when Danniella was found, it was an eerie feeling “Part of being a professional is to be able to do something and then move on, but always in the back of your mind are those big cases like that, the ones that involve loss of life and it was the first time the dive team had to recover a vehicle here since Vian’s vehicle was recovered.”

Her friends and family also seeing that post online, bringing back painful memories Shanna Haden, Vian’s close friend saying

” It’s gut-wrenching because a lot of us associate this place with what happened to Danniella. It may not have been the intention of it, but it definitely has people talking about.” These years later and the investigation is still open and with every event like this one that sheds light on Danniella’s case, his loved ones plan to use it as a platform “It can be two years, five years, ten years the truth always comes out and not that anyone deserves this, but she was one of those people that really didn’t and that’s why I fight for her.”

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