Pensacola, FL (WKRG)-Fire fighters tell us they got the call of a fire starting in the kitchen of a house in the 6,000 block of Kirsten drive in Pensacola.

“Probably about 9:30,” says the homeowner.

The woman who lives in the home, and didn’t want her face shown says she was cooking and later heard flames.

“I take a lot of medicine because I have breast cancer and everything, and it makes me absent minded, and I forgot to turn the pit off, and I smelled smoked and I went in the kitchen, I saw flames, but it was just the cabinets,” says the homeowner.

She says she tried to put it out herself, but that made things worse.

“I thought by putting water on it, and I know I shouldn’t have because it’s a grease fire,” says homeowner.

Once she saw the flames were out of control, she went to her neighbors’ home to make sure no one was home, and called 9-1-1.

One firefighter on the scene tells us, much of the home was engulfed, and flames spread to the attic next door.

For now, the woman is thankful no one got hurt, but she still has to deal with losing everything.

“If I could just salvage my son’s clothes and everything, and he’s in college, and we just jumped through hoops to get everything he wanted and then this happens, it’s just one thing after another,” says the homeowner.

The State Fire Marshall Office confirms the fire started in the kitchen, and that both homes suffered about $100,000.