MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG)  —  Alabama voters will soon have to make a decision between Roy Moore and Doug Jones to fill the U.S. Senate position. wrote an article stating there is only one candidate left in the race.  They argue that candidate is Doug Jones.   The article says voting for Jones is an opportunity for women in Alabama to be heard, but if Moore is elected into office it “sends the worst kind of message to Alabamians struggling with abuse.”  It continues to say, “if you ever do tell your story, Alabama won’t believe you.”

Furthermore, feels they can speak for the people of Alabama by stating, “If we vote for Roy Moore, Alabama will also show that we don’t care about you if you’re gay or Muslim or Catholic. If you’re an atheist or an immigrant. We’ll show each other that we only care about Roy Moore’s definition of Alabama. And that there’s not room for the rest of us.”

According to the article, the sexual allegations against Moore has caused the news-outlet to write against him. It states, “Every day new allegations arise that illustrate a pattern of a man in his 30s strutting through town like the cock of the walk, courting and preying on young women and girls. And though Roy Moore has denied the accusations of these women, his own platform and record is hostile to so many Alabamians.” The allegations caused to “endorse” Jones in the Senate runoff.

On December 12, 2017 the people of Alabama will cast their votes and show the U.S. where they stand.