A Boy’s Request for Rainbows Goes Viral


COHOES, NY (WRGB) — “Every single thing that meant something to him he lost in a matter of 22 days, at nine years old, and being autistic.” said Crystal Skawinski.

Three months ago, Robby’s mother died from Cystic Fibrosis. Three weeks later, Robby’s father died from an overdose.

“I miss my mommy and daddy. Mommy went to the hospital and daddy went to work,” said Robby.

That’s how Robby sees things. That’s his grasp on what happened,” said Skawinski, who is Robby’s Aunt.

To help him understand, Robby’s Aunt Crystal, who now has custody of him, tells him his parents crossed the rainbow bridge.

“My sister passed away on May 2nd and I have a picture on my cell phone on May 2nd completely over Robby’s school there was a rainbow,” she said.

Now, Robby searches for rainbows as a sign of his parents’ presence.

“We play in the rain, unless it’s thundering and lightning, right? Then we can’t play in the rain,” said Skawinski.

But rainbows are rare, and on a rainy day earlier this week Robby ran out to look but couldn’t find one. His aunt went to Facebook to requesting rainbows for Robbie – never thinking her plea would go viral.

“I had no idea that one little picture of my nephew standing there looking for a rainbow was going to bring this kind of support,” she said.

Thousands of photos poured in from around the world.

“He’s gotten rainbows from as far as Taiwan!”

His Aunt says she’s saving them for when he needs the comfort of his parents’ love – which will always be somewhere over the rainbow.

“Now he has a place to go, so if it’s not raining outside or if it is raining but there’s no rainbow, now he has a place to go to get that comfort.”

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