COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – The milkman may no longer come to your door, but you can now get alcohol delivered seven days a week and on holidays in Ohio.

The law officially went into effect Monday.

The purpose of House Bill 674 was to revise liquor laws in an effort to help the state’s restaurant industry, which was hard-hit by the pandemic.

Signed by Gov. Mike DeWine in January, the bill gives the Division of Liquor Control the ability to establish a process for delivery in sealed original containers. This expands the law to allow the legal delivery of liquor.

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control vendors must first agree on regulations for home delivery. A spokesperson told FOX 8 it could take several months to come up with new rules.

It also allows nonprofits to sell alcohol at a limited number of events per year.

In October, DeWine signed a separate bill into law allowing bars, restaurants, small breweries, micro-distilleries and wineries to sell to-go alcoholic beverages. That law expanded a previous provision authorizing establishments with liquor licenses to sell and deliver alcoholic drinks, with a two-drink limit, amid the pandemic.

Read the full House Bill 674: