VIDEO: Ohio cops raid wrong home


(CNN) – An Ohio police department was called to a home about a burglary, but the man who officers ended up confronting was a different homeowner.

“Home Sweet Home” took on a very different meaning for Jeff Logan and Misty Marcum last Wednesday night at their house along 6th Street in Portsmouth.

Logan says they were both sitting on the couch when they heard a pounding on the door and then someone yell “Portsmouth Police.”

The police, with weapons drawn, were responding to a burglary-in-progress call.

“This is my house. I was like, ‘There’s no burglary.’ I was like, ‘You can look at the pictures all over the walls,’” said Logan.

“They wouldn’t listen to us until finally it came out that it was the wrong address and they just walked away. But it takes your peace of mind, but, those were the cops,” said Marcum.

“Whenever we get a call like that, that is protocol. You go in with your weapon out. Now as far as what happened inside, we do not have video inside,” Interim Chief Debby Brewer said.

A call summary report obtained by 13 News states the officers went to the wrong house, adding that officers apologized at the scene for the mistake.

“It was an accident. My officers have been counseled on that. They have been told to verify if they’re unsure of an address, and I do apologize to those subjects for having to endure that,” said Brewer.

Logan says, “The house that they got the call for, they’re there ten times a week. I just don’t understand how they can confuse the addresses, you know. They’re a regular customer.”

Brewer says the job her officers do require them to make split decisions every day and that luckily, this one turned out with everyone unharmed.

As for logan, he says he’s not sure whether he’ll take any further action on their disrupted evening at home.

The Interim Police Chief says no one has filed an official complaint and the officers involved are not currently under investigation.


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