TSA finds high-capacity gun magazines hidden in baby toy at Orlando airport


ORLANDO, Fla. (CNN) – TSA officials say an airline passenger at a Florida airport recently used a baby toy to try to smuggle ammunition onto a plane.

The high-capacity gun magazines were hidden inside a Prop-A-Pillar baby support toy, according to an online post by the agency. The post says the toy and the box were made to look factory-sealed.

But officers at Orlando International Airport took a closer look at the toy after an x-ray screening. That’s when the TSA says officers found and confiscated the ammunition. Police were also notified.

“Not to talk to you like a baby, but ‘magazines go in your checked bag. Not in the bag you carry-on. I got your nose!’” the TSA wrote in its post.

According to the agency, officers discovered more than 200 guns in carry-on bags nationwide during a recent two-week period. The agency is urging passengers to read TSA guidelines on transporting firearms.


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