BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX/WGNO) — Less than a week after four men were killed in a helicopter crash in the Gulf of Mexico, family members confirm the aircraft has been located.

According to ABC affiliate WLOX in Biloxi, three oil rig workers and a pilot were on board when the Bell 407 helicopter crashed Thursday morning as it was departing an oil platform.

The location of the helicopter comes after days of waiting and anguish for the family of one man on board, 36-year-old David Scarborough. His wife Lacy Scarborough said for days, she was getting nowhere with updates on the search for her husband’s body.

Now, the next steps are raising the aircraft and recovering the men, though family isn’t yet sure when this process officially begins or how soon their loved ones will come home.

“In the beginning, they seemed very concerned about getting the men out, but now it’s just like… I’m not really sure,” Lacy Scarborough said. “They have no answers. Everything is, ‘We don’t know. We’re doing grid work, but we don’t know. We haven’t picked anything up.’ I’m here, the other three guys’ families are all across Mississippi and one is in Louisiana and one is from another country, so it’s like, we don’t have each other. We can’t come together because we’re all getting something different.”