Police: Stepmom choked stepdaughter to death over stolen bracelet


GAS CITY, Indiana (CNN) — An Indiana woman is facing murder charges for reportedly killing her 10-year-old stepdaughter over a bracelet, police said.

Investigators said Amanda Carmack strangled the girl last weekend because she had stolen a bracelet.

Details released Friday about the moments leading up to Skylea’s death on Aug. 31.

According to court documents, Carmack discovered Skylea had stolen a charm bracelet from one of the six children in the home earlier in the day.

The stepmother told investigators she couldn’t find Skylea that evening.

The next day, investigators interviewed the six children. According to court documents, the children said Carmack was a strict disciplinarian.

The children told investigators they were forced to stand with their face against the wall with their hands in the air when they got in trouble.

The children also said Skylea was confined to her room for the last week and a half.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said neighbor Jason Lopez. “No kid should have to deal with that or be taken out of this world in the matter that she was taken out. No words can really explain it.”

Two days ago, investigators said the stepmother went to the Gas City Police in tears and admitted to Skylea’s killing.

Court documents state the suspect does not remember all of the details, but recalls being on top of Skylea, choking her with her hands, before tying something around her neck.

Parents said the details have been traumatizing for children as they see the memorial for Skylea every day while on the school bus.

“My son asked me yesterday after I picked him up from football, he said, ‘Was that little girl found in the shed?’ and I said, ‘Where’d you hear that?’ And he said, ‘Well, I heard it at school,’” said neighbor Ashley Lopez.

Many people said it give them a bit of peace that Carmack remains behind bars, but wish they’d seen the signs of abuse sooner.

“I feel like, as a neighbor, it’s my responsibility to pay attention more and I didn’t see anything,” said Ashley Lopez. “I feel terrible.”

Officials said Skylea’s body was found in a trash bag in a shed near the family home.

Prosecutors said they’ll seek a life sentence without parole for Carmack.

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