Ordering a ride for your kids is against policy


It has never been easier to get where you need to go! These days all you need is a phone, and you can order a ride to pretty much anywhere. Some parents are also using this technology to order a ride for their kids to get from point A to point B. But according to both Uber and Lyft’s policies, it’s not allowed, and now some drivers are turning kids away when they show up for the ride.

“My personal policy is I am not doing it,” said Uber and Lyft driver, Ali Merre.

One driver who’s been with Uber and Lyft full-time for four years says she used to drive unaccompanied minors, but now she won’t.

Merre said, “Parents can’t and shouldn’t be putting their minor child, whether it be high school age or down to junior high, and I’ve seen elementary school children be put in cars by themselves, and it’s just an unsafe scenario for all involved.”    

It’s against both Uber and Lyft’s policies to have a child under 18 in a ride without an adult, but some parents still do it without thinking about the consequences.

“Accidents happen all the time. I advert tragedy, just about every day. Just driving. Your uber car can get hit at any time. Now think about this, if your kid was in that car, you’ve broken terms of service having your child in that car. I as a driver have broken terms of service. It’ll be a very grey area,” said Merre.

And some drivers worry insurance companies might use that grey area and refuse to pay to repair their cars if they’re involved in an accident.

It’s not always easy to get your kids around when you have a hundred things going on, but parents will have to find another way to transport them, other than using a rideshare.

Merre said, “You are placing them in a precarious situation because you do not know that driver. I don’t know your kid. So, it’s just a situation that can go sideways very quickly.”

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