New video released in “DUI Bride” arrest


PHOENIX, Ariz. (CNN) It was a traffic stop that made international headlines. A woman involved in a car accident, suspected of DUI on her wedding day. The incident happened in march 2018. The woman’s attorney said she was wearing a sundress, not a wedding dress. But newly released body-cam footage tells a different story.

“Are you okay? What’s going on?” an officer ask after noticing Amber Young is shaken up. Just involved in a car crash she repeatedly denies having any alcohol, “not anything, I…I…I’ve just been like very scared about everything”

The officer tells her they’re focused on public safety, hers, and everyone else’s. “Honesty is important and if you had anything….you’ve taken anything…” Young denies it again and continues to bring up her wedding. Something Marana Police pointed out in a tweet with a picture of her in a dress the day it happened.

That tweet was later taken down.The department said it was to prevent any further embarrassment. “I just want to get to my wedding. I feel so stupid wearing this dress,” says Young. “Is that your wedding dress?” the officer replies. “Yes.”

That exchange conflicts with what we heard from young’s attorney. A statement said police made up the wedding day narrative. That this was a sundress, not a wedding dress. Whatever it is, young held onto her dress during field sobriety tests. Officers called in a few more tests, including a blood draw. They took her in for processing.

Nearly a year after the initial arrest Young pleaded guilty to extreme DUI and criminal damage from the crash. She served two days in jail, seven on house arrest and she’s currently on probation.

“Yay for my wedding day…. I’m sorry about that.”

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