Kid rewarded for turning in cash


CALIFORNIA (CNN) — Here’s a story to prove that honesty really does pay off.

Today – officers with the University of the Pacific rewarded 12-year-old Roman Eaton with a hundred dollar bill for doing the right thing.

“My son was diagnosed autistic two years ago so to see him rise above his own setbacks he has to deal with I’m just so proud of him,” said his mother, Tara Eaton.

During this Summer’s “Jose Hernandez Reach for the Stars Stem Academy” at UOP.

Eaton spotted the big bill on the sidewalk while walking back to class after lunch.

“And I picked it up, put it in my pocket, decided whether to turn it in or keep it and I turned it in because UOP is expensive,” said Roman.

Eaton handed the money to Academy Director Dr. Nancy Shaw-Elium who passed it along to the public safety department.

Dr. Shaw-Elium was given the protocol, “Wait 90 days and if no one claims it then it’s his.”

Nearly four months went by and no one claimed the cash. So the school coordinated with Eaton’s mom.

“He was kind of on to me because I told him I had spoken to Nancy and that they wanted to commend him on turning in the money,” said Tara.

With a big surprise for a little boy who did a good deed, Eaton was rewarded with the one hundred dollar bill.

When asked what he plans to do with the money, ” Save it. College. Maybe. I dunno,” replied Eaton.

Eaton wants to either be a statistician or sports announcer, so let’s all make sure to keep an eye out for this young man.


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