HOUSTON (KIAH) — Houston has been thrown into national headlines this week as more officers were shot and or killed this week across the country. Houston’s Mayor and police chief say there are too many guns on Houston streets and a critical need for solutions.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston Police Chief Troy Finner are speaking out about the problem and blame a small group of violent individuals responsible, in hopes of developing solutions.

“These are inherently dangerous times and that was demonstrated again today. It’s going to take all of us working together to create and have a very safe city. There are a lot of guns – a lot of guns – on the street. Quite frankly there are just too many that are on the streets and in the hands of people who will use these guns in a second – and unnoticed.

He continued to extend support for Houston officers and the three shot Thursday afternoon. “This is one of those situations ‘person gets out, person start shooting and now we have three police officers who were in the hospital with gunshot wounds. I want to continue to be supportive.”  

New initiatives to be announced next week …

On scene in front of Memorial Hermann after Thursday afternoon’s shootings, Turner was asked if he has spoken with other cities about crime climbing across the country. To which he responded, “over the last week and a half, Finner and I and others, have been talking about additional steps, that we intend to take to protect the people in this city and to make the city safer a more comprehensive approach. Quite frankly, that was going to be laid out this week. However,  so much has taken place this week. So we will unfold those initiatives next week but the crime in this city.”