Gay couple says florist refused them service for their wedding


AVON, Indiana (CNN/KRON) – A same-sex couple claims an Indiana florist denied them service.

With his wedding less than a month away, David Elliot is busy making sure everything is properly arranged.

However, he ran into some trouble last Thursday when he stopped a florist shop in Avon, Avon Florist.

David said at first the shop owner agreed to help with the wedding, but her tune changed when she found out it was two men getting married. 

“She said what do you need? I said ‘I need two boutonnieres. She then said ‘What does the bride need?’ I said ‘Well there is no bride.’ And then she said ‘Well then I’m going on vacation. and I can’t help you.’ I then said ‘OK,’ and I walked out,” David said.

“I took that to mean because of my relationship, she couldn’t help me out,” he said.

David took to social media to talk about his experience. 

So far, his post has had a barrage of responses, with supportive comments even coming in from overseas.

A local news station went to the floral shop to get both sides of the story, but hte shop says they will not be making any statements.

Some small businesses in Indiana have made national headlines over the last three years for their refusal to serve members of the LGBT community, including bakeries and pizzerias.

Many of the owners feel they’re protected by Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was later amended to clarify it is not to be used to  discriminate against the LGBT community.

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