(NEXSTAR) – A Wyoming coroner who revealed the autopsy results of slain YouTube vlogger Gabby Petito Tuesday confirmed that the 22-year-old was not pregnant, denying a theory circulating online.

Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue announced that Petito, who had been recording her cross-country travels with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie before she was killed, died of strangulation.

Petito’s body was found Sept. 19 near a remote, undeveloped campsite close to the eastern border of Grand Teton National Park. Blue said she was killed three to four weeks before.

Petito and Laundrie had been visiting Colorado, Utah and other states before she was reported missing after her mother received an “odd” text and then lost all communication with her.

Authorities are still searching for Laundrie, who remains a person of interest in the case.

Blue referred most questions about Petito’s death to law enforcement, but did answer when asked about a possible pregnancy. The autopsy results contradict online theories that Petito was pregnant before she was killed.

One such wild theory was based on amateur sleuths claiming to see a sonogram printout among several items leaning on a log near Petito and Laundrie’s van in a video recorded by a pair of Florida travel bloggers.

Another suggested that baby-related pins on Petito’s Pinterest account under “Life goals” were evidence of a possible pregnancy.

Meantime, the search continues for Laundrie, who now faces federal charges of an unauthorized use of a debit card during the time Petito was missing.

Search teams have waded into treacherous swampy areas south of Sarasota, Florida, and scoured North Port, where his family lives, with no sign of him.