Former Police Officer Amber Guyger found guilty of murder


Dallas, Tx. — A former Dallas police officer has been found guilty of murder for killing an unarmed man in his apartment, which she claimed she thought was her own.

The jury returned the verdict this morning, finding the 31-year-old guilty of the murder of Botham Jean. Jean was 26.

Guyger took the stand in her own defense, testifying about the night she mistakenly entered Jean’s apartment, thinking it was her own.

“I pulled my gun out and I yelled at him, ‘let me see your hands! ‘”

Prosecutor Jason Hermus asked her, “When you pulled that trigger you intend to kill Mr. Jean?” Amber: “He was the threat, yes sir.”

Guyger says she lives with immense guilt every day.

She could face up to 99 years in prison.

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