OSWEGO COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The silo fire at the Former Miller Brewing and Attis Ethanol Plant in the Town of Volney has officially been put out, according to Oswego County Legislature Chairman James Weatherup on Monday, November 21.

Weatherup signed an emergency order in late October that brought in a private contractor to remove the burning materials that were inside the silo which caught fire earlier this year.

The emergency order was then rescinded last week by Weatherup, which marked the end of the fire and the start of cleanup at the site.

“I’m pleased to report the smoldering fire at the former Miller Brewing/Attis Ethanol facility has been completely extinguished and the last of the burnt material from the silo has been removed,” Weatherup said. “We’re happy to provide relief to nearby residents who dealt with the smell for far too long, and with the fire out we now look forward to a rebirth at the site.”

Now that the fire is out, Oswego County leaders say the search for a new owner for the site will happen at a faster rate.

“Now that the fire is out, we are confident the process of finding a buyer for the facility will be expedited and the property will soon be put back to productive use,” Weatherup said.

Oswego County Legislature Vice Chair, Linda Lockwood, who represents the Town of Volney, appreciated the crews who put out the fire and the state and local leaders who played a role during the process along the way.

“The end of this fire will improve the quality of life for nearby property owners,” Lockwood said. “It also allows the county and its partners to move forward with finding new ownership for the facility and returning the property to productive use.”

Oswego County is continuing to work with a creditor to help find a buyer for the site. The creditor, Brooklyn-based Highscore Capital owed millions by former Attis Ethanol and with an agreement in place. The agreement said that Oswego County will receive proceeds equal to Attis’ unpaid taxes upon the sale of the site and Highscore Capital will then retain excess funds to recoup some of its losses.

By finding a new owner for the property, the southern part of Oswego County could see many benefits, especially for the Town of Volney and the City of Fulton.

“This site will play a critical role in the economic growth of southern Oswego County and the City of Fulton,” Weatherup said. “We’re confident this site will provide good-paying jobs and complement other development and investment in the area, including global chipmaker Micron’s multi-billion-dollar investment just across the county line. Our region is poised for considerable growth in the coming years, and this site will be just one part of a larger resurgence.”