HOUSTON (KIAH) — Dr. Mary Bowden resigned from Houston Methodist Hospital following her suspension for her controversial tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine.

She said at a Wednesday press conference that the hospital is trying to make an “example” out of her because of her views on vaccine mandates. 

She has also publicly praised ivermectin as a COVID treatment. Bowden has publicly expressed this opinion on Twitter.

Houston Methodist says this is dangerous misinformation and not based on science. 

She says she has treated hundreds of COVID patients with Ivermectin and has not had to admit any to the hospital. Bowden says she isn’t against the vaccine she is however against mandates.

“Personally, I have tons of data, I have tons of clinical experience when I speak to my patients about what is going on it is based on my clinical experience and that should be good enough,” Bowden said. “I am not sure in this day and age apparently it is not. It is astounding to me as a physician I am not entitled to my medical opinion.”

Through her attorney, Dr. Bowden has not stated whether or not she will take legal action against Methodist.