Democratic Debates: Day 2 is underway in Miami


8:55 – The candidates have taken the stage and in the media room we are listing to MSNBC until the debate begins in a few moments.

9:00 Debate night two is beginning now.

9:01 Debate is underway after video introductions of each candidate. Candidates will have 60 seconds to answer and 30 seconds rebuttals.

First question by Savannah Guthrie to Sen. Sanders. Regarding universal healthcare and college. Will taxes go up for middle class in a Sanders administration.

“We think it is time for change, real change. Healthcare in my view is a human right.”

“I believe education is the future for this country. Make college free and eliminate debt,” Sanders.

Will you raise taxes.. “yes they will pay more taxes but less in Healthcare.”

9:04 Question to Vice President Biden regarding middle class and poor. “We have to make sure to return dignity to middle school, have insurance that covered and they can afford it. Donald Trump has put us in a horrible position”

9:06 – Senator Harris. “Working families need support”

Proposing we change the tax code. Day 1 would repeal tax code she says benefits top one percent.- Harris

9:07 – Gov. Hickelooper regarding responds to questions about democratic socialism.

9:08 – Polls had us 10 points ahead of trump. Trump is a phony , a pathological liar and a racist. That’s how we beat him when you expose him for the fraud he is.” – Sanders

9:11 Sen. Michael Bennet jokes about whether question was directed to him… “it sounded like me”

9:12 Question to Mayor Buttigieg. Question is about college tuition costs. Needs to be affordable NOT to go to college. We need to raise the minimum wage.

Rep Eric Swallwell jumps in regarding student loans

9:14 Question to Andrew Wang.. regarding his plan to give everyone a thousand dollars each. How would you do that?

9:16 Rep Swalwell. What would you do to help people adapt to new jobs? Swallwell: Wipe student debt, train people.

9:18 – Swalwell says he was six years old when I heard Biden say, it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation Americans. Biden says, I’m still holding on to that torch.

9:21- America doesn’t wanna witness a food fight, they wanna know how we are going to put food on the table,” Harris

9:22 Mayor Buttigieg: Talks Medicare for all and calls on everyone who offers it, to show and prove how they plan to do it.

9:23 Biden: Where do we go from here with Obamacare. Talks about wife and child killed and sons injured. The quickest fastest way to fix it, is to build on Obamacare. Urgency matters now. Against any Democrat who opposes it and any Republican who opposes it.

9:26 How do you implement Medicare for all on a national level.

Sanders: Like we have done it in other moments… like civil rights and women’s rights.

9:26 Marianne Williamson gets her first question. If you think we’re gonna beat Donald Trump by saying these plans… you got another think coming.

9:28 Sen. Bennet talks about prostate cancer during discussion about healthcare

9:33 Biden: Cannot let people who are sick go uncovered. It’s inhuman. We can deal with the insurance companies.


9:37 – Sen. Harris on immigration. Release kids from cages, restore DACA Dreamers.

9:40 – Williamson, calls current immigration situation with children state sponsored crime.

9:42 Sen. Gillibrand says she would fight for comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.

9:43 decriminalization of immigration issues.

9:44 Mayor Buttigieg: Calling out Republican party for he says is religious hypocracy.

Biden: I would reunited families immediately. Said he got bi-partisan plan to deal with the problem. Then says president abandoned it.

9:45 Vice President question regarding deportation. Biden says if people committed a crime, they should be deported.

Question: Should someone without documentation be deported? Biden: No.

9:47 Swalwell: no they shouldn’t be deported if no documentation is their only crime.

9:48: Harris: They should not be deported.

President Trump is watching the debate: Just tweeted:

9:53 Yang: Russia is biggest threat. “they’ve been laughing their a**es off at us.”


10:00 – Buttigieg – what are you doing to improve race relations in South Bend following shooting of African-American man… and improve the rate of black police officers on the force. “I couldn’t get it done”

10:02 – Buttigieg talks accountability.

10:02 Williamson “introduces reparations to African Americans.

10:03: Harris: as the only African-American on stage I should be able to speak on race. Biden, I do not believe you are a racist. I also believe.. it was hurtful to hear you talk about two people who built their career on race in this country. You also worked with them to oppose busing. That little girl was bused to school everyday. That little girl was me.”

10:05- Biden: I did not praise racist. I was a public defender not a prosecutor.

10:06 Biden: I ran because of civil rights.

10:07 Harris: Do you agree today that you oppose busing.

10:07: Biden: I have supported the ERA. I extended the voting rights act for 25 years. I have also argue very strongly.

10:14 Question to Sanders: What is your plan if Roe V Wade is struck down.? Sanders: “I will never nominate any justice to Supreme Court unless they support keeping Roe V Wade.”

10:16 Sanders :Medicare for guarantees every woman to have an abortion.

Gillibrand: It’s amazing that we are having this conversation. I have been the fiercest advocate for women’s reproductive rights.

10:17 Conversation turns to climate. First question goes to Harris.

“Doesn’t call it climate change, calls it climate crisis.”

10:28 Rapid response from candidates on what they would change.

“Defeat Donald Trump,” said Biden.

“Fix our democracy before it’s too late,” said Buttigieg.


10:34 Question to Swalwell about assault weapons and the government buying them back from owners

10:35 Sanders on assault weapons, the sell of them and laws regarding them. “I believe what we need is comprehensive gun legislation.”

10:37 Question to Buttigieg, who is the only person on stage with military experience. He was asked about how military families might have a different take on assault weapons.

10:40 Lester Holt reads questions from viewers.

Bennet with regards to Trump and how he’s handled international relationships, “We’ve got to restore the relationship he’s destroyed with our allies.”

10:42 Rapid question to candidates – “What is the first relationship you’d like to restore with another country?”

Yang rapid to respond with China.

10:44 Biden urging troops need to be taken out of Afghanistan.

10:46 Sanders insists he wants to protect war with Iran.


10:49 Candidates take their final chance to share their opinions and share why they want to be president.


MIAMI, Fla. (WFLA) – Day two of the Democratic Debate is underway. Although the debate itself isn’t until 9 p.m. eastern, candidates are making their way to the debate stage setups and rehearsals. They are also working their way around to different media outlets.

Debating Thursday night:

  • Sen. Michael Bennet
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg
  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
  • Sen. Kamala Harris
  • Gov. John Hickenlooper
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders
  • Rep. Eric Swalwell
  • Ms. Marianne Williamson
  • Mr. Andrew Yang

Day one ended with a few surprises and a few standouts. This is the first debate of this 2020 election cycle and the so-called ‘one-percenters’ – or those not polling high among potential voters – are using this opportunity to stake a claim in the race.

But are the voters plugged in this early? Democratic Former State Representative Sean Shaw, from Tampa, thinks they are.

“I think Democratic voters are. We are very motivated to get someone in the white hours, besides who’s in it,” Shaw said.

After last night’s debate, the candidates put their spin on their performance. New York Mayor Bill De Blasio offered a stinging criticism on more than just the topics.

“I think we gotta talk about some things that are not being talked about. I think that’s what voters want to hear. We also have to talk about this party. This party didn’t stand for something clear in 2016. That’s why we lost,” De Blasio said.

The topics Thursday night will likely mirror what we saw during the first debate. But it’s also likely the conversation will turn towards former Vice President Joe Biden, as he is polling higher than most candidates.

Shaw wants to hear more than just attacks.

“I want to hear from the candidates. I want hear their plans on climate change, I want to hear their plans on people of color, the Homestead detention center and what you intend to do about that,” he said.

Meanwhile, the more than 700 press credentialed for the event have begun assembling in the media room, the converted theatre at the Arsht Center.

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