NORTH POLE (WKRG) — We all know what Santa looks like: a white beard, cherry cheeks and a round belly, but what does Santa eat to get such a big belly? Well, it depends.

Different cultures are known for leaving Santa and his reindeer different treats, and while we here in the U.S. prefer to leave milk and cookies, not all countries have the same ideas.

According to Insider, Australians leave cookies for Santa too, but what do they think Santa should wash it down with? A cold glass of beer.

Children in Argentine leave out hay and water, hopefully it’s for the reindeer and not Santa!

Danish children don’t leave anything out for Santa or his reindeer, but they do leave out rice and pudding for elves.

French children leave out carrots and cookies for Santa in their shoes.

As you can see, Santa has so many different treats for him and his crew. No wonder he has a hard time sliding down the chimney!