MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Britney Spears’ memoir is set to release on Oct. 24.

It will also be released as an audiobook, and who will narrate the book has Hollywood spinning.

WKRG News 5’s Cherish Lombard discussed Spears’ book, “The Woman in Me,” with TMZ’s Jacob Wasserman.

As of now, it seems like Spears will do some of the narration but not all of it.

“Yeah, that’s the big question that lies right now,” Wasserman said. “But what we do know is this audiobook is done. It’s ready to be released to the masses, and Britney Spears will be telling her story. The question is just how much of it she will she will be telling. We know that she’s not going to be talking about parts of her family. However, she is going to be talking, I guess, narrating some other chapters.”

There was talk of Reese Witherspoon doing some of the narration, but that seems to have fallen through.

“Yeah, so from what we’re told when it comes to chapters discussing Britney’s family life, that was just too hard for her for her to discuss,” Wasserman said. “So they were considering getting a celebrity guest, or they will be doing that, I should say. The person that they had in mind was Reese Witherspoon, but apparently, she just wasn’t available. Keep in mind, Reese Witherspoon is very busy, but it sounds like they have picked someone else. So that person still seems to be unknown. But I’m curious to see who it’s going to be.”

The book is already flying off the digital shelves as people are buying it rapidly with 12 days before its release.