Cat killer on the prowl in Phoenix


(CNN) — A pair of cat killers are on the prowl in a Phoenix neighborhood, terrorizing pet owners.

A Ring security camera appears to have caught them in the act.

Nighttime footage, from a Ring door app could hold the answer to a recent cat mystery in a Phoenix neighborhood.

“It’s a great family neighborhood, very quiet, very safe, just not something you would ever be afraid to leave your pets outside or be afraid to be outside,” concerned cat owner Jen said.

But, that’s now changing…. as several residents say their cats have gone missing or have been shot by either a pellet or bb gun. Some believe the video, recently posted to the Nextdoor app, explains it all. 

In the video you see a man pull forward in his car, then he backs up when he sees a black cat sitting in the driveway. he and his friend shuffle something in their hands, they point it out the window, and then the black cat disappears.

“They get the gun from the back, the driver hands it to the guy in the passenger seat, they look around, and then the passenger takes it out and then shoots the cat,” Jen said.

Three-year-old Sam the cat was shot and killed. His owner tells us, he was friendly and loved people. Jen’s 12-year-old family cat Spider survived after being shot right between the eyes last weekend.

“It looked like he had almost been in a fight. He went into surgery on Tuesday, and they had to remove shattered teeth, and they removed the bullet from his jaw, and there are still shards of a bullet in his nose,” said Jen. 

These cat shootings seem to be clustered near 28th Street and Camelback. Phoenix Police say its “animal crimes unit” has received a third report in recent days. And now, possibly a fourth shooting this week, as this neighbor posts what he believes is a bb gun wound to the hind leg of his neighbor’s cat.

“These types of incidents are very disturbing to us,” Sgt. Ann Justus said.

Even though feral cats thrive in this area, these victims belong to families.

“These owners love these animals, they’ve had them for years, they’ve gone through lots of life experiences with them, so to see them injured, animals like kids are innocent, so to see them injured, really just hurts these people,” Justus said.

Jen and neighbors we spoke with say the cruelty needs to stop. They’re warning others to keep a close eye out for copy cats.

“This is just not a humane thing and is not something we should be dealing with here or anywhere in any neighborhood,” Jen said.

As for Spider, he’s doing well, but his surgery and vet bills have hit $7,000. His owners set up a GoFundMe page called, “Save one of Spider’s nine lives.”

If they raise more than they need, they plan on donating the remainder to the Humane Society.


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