California lawyer goes on ‘racist’ rant fueled by ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie


ORANGE COUNTY (KRON) – A Southern California lawyer is in hot water after she posted a “racist” rant on Facebook directed at the “Asians that took over Orange County.” 

This comes on the heels of the recently-released “Crazy Rich Asians” movie. 

Christina Ignatius, who calls herself “the most well-known, most respected and most requested law tutor in the nation” said the movie “reminds me of all the Asians who flooded into Orange County and then took over our mall at South Coast Plaza.”

The lawyer then goes on to reference stereotypes including “driving like an Asian” and calls Asians “rice rockets” raised by “Tiger moms.” 

Ignatius has since deleted the Facebook posts but it didn’t take long for the screenshots to circulate online.

Ignatius wrote that Orange County experienced an influx of “Crazy Rich Asians” which she called “snoshy” in the post. 

What’s “snoshy” you ask? 

“It stands for posh and snobby,” she said in her post. 

“They have a zoned-in personality where they act as if no one else exists and they just run straight in front of you to grab the next purse,” she said. “They also drive that way near South Coast Plaza.”

South Coast Plaza is a shopping mall in the city of Costa Mesa. 

In her post, Ignatius then tries to imitate an Asian “Tiger mom’s” accent, saying her Asian classmates were told “to become docta” by their parents.

“Then if they were not smart enough to become a doctor, ‘marry docta”, she said. “If they didn’t marry a doctor they were encouraged to marry a lawyer.”

“Yes, my sucker Caucasian male lawyer friends who marries Asian women were completely poached for dollars and earning potential,” she added.

“If you thought you could get away from them for a hot second and go on vacation to Yosemite, think again,” she continues.

“They came in huge buses and stood in front of each waterfall to give the peace sign in their selfies,” she said. 

Ignatius ends her post by saying, “From one annoying thing to another, welcome the Asians!”

The screenshots first made an appearance on the Chapman Law Alumni Facebook page before circulating the internet. 

After stirring controversy, Ignatius posted an update on Facebook, saying it was just “something funny about Crazy Rich Asians.”

“Apparently it was so provocative that it was considered abuse,” Ignatius said in the update. 

“I had no idea that talking about stereotypes would be so provocative,’ she said. “Somehow my post goes down bu this one manages to stay up with 10million views,” she said as she referenced a parody video on YouTube called “S*** Asian Moms Say.” 

“By the way, I do not hate Asians,” she said. “I really love them and I find differences to be funny and interesting.”

Since her post, some have called on the California Bar to suspend her license.  

“Crazy Rich Asians” made $34 million over its five-day opening, which exceeded industry expectations that had it bringing in closer to $25 million. 

It is the first major studio film since “The Joy Luck Club” 25 years ago to feature a predominantly Asian cast.

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