Bodycam video shows officer slamming grandmother to ground


BALTIMORE, Md (CNN) — Newly-released bodycam video shows a Baltimore, Md., police officer slamming a 76-year-old grandmother to the ground. The video shows the officer standing in front of Rena Mellerson at her front door. He tells her he’s there to arrest her granddaughter for disorderly conduct, but she refuses to let him inside.

Unidentified Baltimore officer: “I’m here peacefully and calmly.”
Mellerson: “What did you even come here for?”
Unidentified Baltimore officer: “I came here by myself, peacefully and calmly.”
Mellerson: Why are you here, sir?”
Unidentified Baltimore officer: “You’re under arrest.”
Mellerson: “For what?”
Unidentified Baltimore officer: “Disorderly conduct.”
Mellerson: “Where?”
Unidentified Baltimore officer: “Back in the other house we were at.”

The officer’s foot eventually got stuck in the door and he used his taser through a small opening, as he yells, “Get back!” Moments later, the video shows the officer pulling out his service weapon.

As the door opens, the officer screams for the suspect to meet him at the door, as the grandmother falls back onto the staircase. Shortly after that, another officer arrived.

Bodycam video shows the first officer grabbing the grandmother’s arm, pulling her outside, as the second officer appears to toss her to the ground. The first officer is heard saying, “Be easy with her, easy.”

Mellerson and her granddaughter were both taken into custody.

The second responding officer has a conversation with Mellerson as he walks her to a patrol car.

“The reason I put you on the ground ma’am is because I saw Taser probes in you. He tried to tase you, okay, and I was seeing that you were the immediate threat at the time. Okay. I just wanted to get you out of the way. No hard feelings. Nothing personal,” he told her.

The incident started at a different location where Mellerson’s granddaughter argued with officers called to handle a disruptive child.

“Why are you being disorderly?” asked one of the officers.
‘Why are you over here talking to me?,” asked Mellerson’s granddaughter.
“Because we got called here,” the officer responded.

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski calls the videos difficult to watch.

“I will tell you that for me personally and for my family, it’s not what I would expect in terms of interactions with the police department. It’s not what I expect for residents of Baltimore County,” he said.

Mellerson is charged with interfering with an arrest.


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