MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CNN, WTMJ) — Milwaukee police are still searching for the individual(s) responsible for a shooting that left a Black Trump supporter dead outside his business.

Police said 59-year-old Bernell Trammell was killed outside of his store July 23.

Trammell was often seen wielding large, handwritten signs with his personal beliefs in big, bold letters. Some were in support of George Floyd, police reform, Lena Taylor for mayor, or even President Donald Trump.

For whatever reason, the man many knew as “Raz” spoke his truth.

“He had a right to have his voice and he was so strong to do it alone,” friend Pia Lombardi said.

Police say Bernell was killed around 12:30 Thursday afternoon at his business where he created his signs and publishings. Neighbors said he was sitting in a lawn chair when he was shot in broad daylight.

“I walked to his shop and he was sitting there in a white chair like was waiting for me to come there,” Adebisi Agoro said.

Agoro runs He interviewed Bernell just hours before the shooting, hoping to give him a platform to express his current political position.

“I haven’t seen him in the public with a pro-Trump sign ever, so I got curious,” Agoro said. “I gave the man a floor, a misunderstood character the floor to speak his opinion and that’s what I told him.”

Little did Agoro know, his platform would be the last time Raz expressed his views.