ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Jessica Fico became good friends with Brittanee Drexel after her cousins met her in Elementary School. After 13 years she’s finally feeling some closure with many unanswered questions being solved. 

Despite many leads in Drexel’s case over the years hitting dead ends. Jessica felt this time was different as she spoke to Brittanee’s parents as news broke of Raymond Moody’s arrest and a body discovered.  

“We can close this chapter and know Brittanee will be laid to rest where she belongs,” Fico told us. “But she’s never coming back to us in the way we would have hoped.”  

Jessica still recalls how emotional the Chili community felt as the search began back in 2009. For her, it’s still hard to cope with why this happened.  

“It hit the whole community hard,” Fico said. “I think at that point we all realize this does actually happen. You know we all had one goal in mind and that was to get justice for Brittany.” 

Jessica credits that unity to Brittanee’s mother Dawn who inspired people around the country to join search efforts for missing people. Keeping Brittanee’s case alive.  

“We always knew we had people backing us and that was great,” Fico continued. “I can speak to our search focus was in Myrtle Beach and the community there was so supportive and great.” 

When becoming a mother, Jessica chose to name her daughter after Brittanee Drexel because she’ll never forget her cheerful attitude that could light up a room.