PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — Your help makes a difference. That’s what the US Marshals Service said after WKRG News 5 view tips led investigators to one of our Fugitives of the Week.

“The USMS South Alabama Warrants Squad received numerous tips following Sikes’ Fugitive of the Week profile on WKRG,” according to the office’s Public Information Officer. “The information received was investigated and led to the location of Sikes.”

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office caught up with Sikes in a trailer on Eastland Road in Prichard on Tuesday, May 3. Deputies spent two hours asking Sikes to leave the trailer before they used gas to flush him out. When Sikes fled the trailer, he had a large knife. MCSO said Sikes lunged at deputies with the knife. That’s when officers shot and killed him.

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