MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Workers at KnuckleBones Exilir Co. shared what they witnessed from Monday’s standoff off Government Street, which resulted in Terrance Duncan, 46, fatally shooting himself.

Baristas Carmen West and Leah Pursifull said they had never seen anything like that before.

West said Monday was going to be a regular day at work until they witnessed law enforcement in front of the coffee shop pointing guns toward a gray Honda Accord.

“We were initially just putting up decorations. And I looked out the window, and I saw a man and a woman, I think, looking into the car. And I thought originally, they had just gotten a wreck or something,” said West. “One police officer came to the scene and didn’t really think much about it. Just carry it on about our day. A customer came in a couple minutes later. And she was about to walk out with her drink. And she was like, Oh, my goodness, we need to get to the back right now. There’s a gun out there!”

Barista Leah Pursifull explained to News 5 that the incident took place right in front of the coffee shop, so she was able to show in full detail what she and others saw as they were watching everything happen behind the store’s windows.

“When it all unfolded, it was happening right here in this parking spot,” said Pursifull. “And I guess whenever the big truck was running into it, and I can’t remember if it hit our pole or the pole next to it, but I remember watching it through our video camera because then we were like, Oh my gosh, our balcony!”

Pursifull said it’s sad that Duncan ultimately took his own life.

“We felt so like connected to the story,” said Pursifull. “And we were both just expressing how we came in today feeling a deep sense of grief, even though we didn’t know him. But I feel like the whole community has been kind of grieving today.”

Both Purisfull and West said the whole situation was scary, and they hope that nothing like this ever happens again.