MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Hundreds of people make a living in downtown Mobile and need people to feel secure in the entertainment district. Despite the violence on New Year’s Eve, workers are hoping for the best following the city’s last deadly shooting of 2022. Outside the Urban Emporium, Sunday morning is a giant pile of glass shards and the evidence of what was a bullet that went through the front window. The store manager said she loves downtown and wants it to thrive.

“It makes me sad, it makes me frustrated because our downtown is so beautiful and amazing and for something like this to happen it’s sad and I hate it,” said manager Nicole Moore. Next door the Brickyard restaurant has a bullet hole through its window and spiderweb cracks on another panel–evidence of the melee just before midnight.

“People were screaming, they were walking over each other it was crazy and then the police came and you could hear the whistles and everyone was being ushered this way,” said a server at Debris restaurant Cat Stevanus. For a lot of people who work downtown, it was a long night from New Year’s Eve leading into New Year’s Day and they hope something can be done to make sure nothing like this happens again.

“Get down here and enjoy our beautiful city it’s really come a long way and it would be great if things like this didn’t happen,” said Nicole Moore with the Urban Emporium. Just across the street, Mike Piercy gets things set up for his traditional New Year’s meal. He owns Pat’s, a place that sits near where the shootings happened. He said he made sure his patrons and employees were safe, appreciates the quick response from the police, and argues something like this shouldn’t happen in the entertainment district.

“It’s a little frustrating I feel hopefully it was an isolated event and not something that’s the norm people that come out that don’t normally come out,” said Piercy. Most of the workers we spoke with said they’re hopeful this crime doesn’t deter from what people love about downtown.