Woman rescues cat and kittens in more than 200-acre fire off Bellingrath Road

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Alabama Forestry reports a fire off of Bellingrath Road in Mobile burned at least 230 acres on Tuesday, May 12.

As of 8:30 Tuesday night, Alabama Forestry reports the fire is 80-85% contained. Mobile Police and the Sheriff’s Office evacuated people who live on Deakle Road, but not everyone chose to leave.

At one point, Alabama Forestry said the fire threw embers a quarter to a half of a mile ahead of where it was burning.

Deanna Pritchett said she’s lived on Deakle Road for about 40 years. She told News 5 the fire has been going on and off for about four days. She called the fire department Tuesday morning when her Dad told her it sparked back up.

She said, “My dad called me and said this morning that the fire started back up, and I come back home and look and checked it out, and it wasn’t close to our house yet. It was still in this patch of woods here, and within maybe 30 minutes to 40 minutes, it spread down to our power lines and jumped our power line trails and got in my backyard.”

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) brought in a helicopter to dump water on the fire, trying to stop it from spreading farther.

Pritchett said, “My cousin lives behind me in a double-wide and it’s already burned his shed down and they was out there fire department at his back door trying to spray to keep his trailer from catching on fire.”

Pritchett’s dad has COPD and the smoke makes it difficult for him to breathe. “He’s sitting outside trying to keep our house with a water hose on it trying to keep it from burning and coughing up a storm, and it’s not good for him at all,” she said.

Besides her own family, Pritchett said she also worries about other people living on her road. “I have an 87-year-old neighbor that lives three houses down from me and she’s got custody of her two grandbabies and I’ve tried to get her to leave, and hopefully she got out of here. She didn’t have nobody to help keep her house with the water hose on it though to try to keep it from getting there and it was right at her back door too,” she said.

While she says her family is doing fine, sadly she’s not sure if one of her pets will be okay. Prichett said she rushed her cat to the veterinarian Tuesday afternoon. “She come out of the fire, and my Dad started yelling at me telling me one of the cats just come out of the fire, and I took off to her, and when I seen her I lost it, I just busted out in tears,” said Pritchett.

But she said she was able to save some lives that could have easily been lost. She said, “I’ve ended up rescuing three sets of baby kittens out of this fire.”

Pritchett set up a PayPal account to help with the expenses of the cat’s injuries, as well as the litters of kittens. CLICK HERE to donate.


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