MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile Police are investigating a carjacking where one woman was run over with her own car.

The carjacking happened on Feb. 6 at about 1:28 a.m. Officers were called to a Chevron gas station at Azalea Road for a report of a carjacking.

The victim told officers that she went into the store to get something to drink. A man then sat in her car while she was inside the store. The woman then spotted the man inside her Honda Civic and ran outside to stop him.

She tried to open the door, but the man sped into another car. The woman then tried to stand in front of her car, but was run over by the man. He hit her so had that she went across the dashboard, and hit the ground.

Workers at the gas station said the woman was pregnant at the time of the carjacking and that this kind of crime isn’t shocking to them “besides just that, wondering if someone is going to flash a gun because I ask for ID. There’s no honest people anymore, there’s no decency to each other, there’s no common sense It’s becoming disgusting.”

This is not the first time a carjacking has happened at this gas station. In August of 2021, a woman was attacked during an attempted carjacking. Her car was not stolen, but she was picked up by a man and slammed into the ground.

Employees said they are fed up with the crime happening in the parking lots. This type of crime is becoming regular at the gas station. Employees said they are seeing more items being stolen and also had guns pulled on them while working. Employees hope Mobile Police to start patrolling areas near the gas station to make sure carjacking’s like this one don’t happen again.