MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – An attack in broad daylight was caught on camera as a man tried to carjack a woman.

The attempted robbery happened at the Chevron gas station on Azalea Road in Mobile.

Regular customers of the gas station said it scares them.

“It made me scared for my daughter and my wife because they come here too,” said Larry Knight, a regular customer.

At the beginning of the footage, you see the woman get out of her car and approach the store. The accused Brandon Young, 28, walks to the right of her and then begins his approach. The suspect then picks up the woman and slams her on the ground. She then immediately gets up, grabs her keys from the ground, and chases after him. They have a quick interaction again before the woman runs towards the store and the man flees the scene.

The owner of the gas station said this isn’t the first time he’s seen Young around the store and he is hoping Mobile Police will now patrol the area more.

“I’m scared out here all the time. because I saw him out there sometimes and I tell him to leave and I call the police about it,” said Nazmul Hasan. “We need protection to protect us and then our customers that’s the only thing we need.”

Brandon Young

The patrons of the Chevron say they’ll be watching their backs a little more closely moving forward.

Edna Hutchinson, another customer said, “I mean it could have been me that’s why you always have to watch, look out and be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

We checked Young’s arrest history. Young has been charged in the past with robbery attempts and other similar charges. Young is now behind bars after being arrested this morning and charged with 3rd-degree robbery.