MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Police are investigating a shooting at the Paparazzi Club that left four people injured. One witness said he heard gunshots and saw people running. He said he’s never seen anything like that before.

Eric Reddick was getting off work as a bartender from the Electric Piano Club, driving his friend to her car.

Once he stepped outside, he noticed people running and screaming.

“So we were actually coming from the street right here down,” said Reddick, as he’s pointing to Jackson Street, showing where he was walking that morning. “And that was blocked off right here. But people started running everywhere.”

Reddick said he heard about three gunshots, but did not see the shooter.

“We heard those gunshots and then put two and two together in our heads when people run and scream and we’re like, ‘Oh my God’, something’s happening there,” said Reddick. “So finally, when I was able to turn, we just went a whole back way and drove around for a little bit more. Until things died down. And that’s when I saw the police cars and ambulances showing up and I was like, Oh something happened.’

News 5 went to the Paparazzi Club to get answers. According to Google, they open at 10 p.m. We knocked on their door and noticed someone peek through the door, but they did not speak with us.

Reddick said he felt unsafe that night, and that he hopes this never happens again.

“All that really didn’t hit me until I got home,” said Reddick. “And I was like, oh my god, that happened right there. It just kind of terrifying to think about, you know, working late at night and then getting off and then you know, people getting shot everywhere. You don’t really think about that.”

Officers have not identified any suspects. They ask if you know anything about the shooting to contact them at 251-208-7211.