UPDATE 10:20 AM: Dauphin Island Police say the west end of Dauphin Island is closed to the public. Property owners may travel through the area if they have a vehicle that can handle the flooding and debris washing over Bienville Boulevard.

UPDATE 9:15 AM: Wind and rain are picking up in Dauphin Island. We’re starting to see portions of Bienville Boulevard start to flood on the west end of the island. Storm surge is also pushing water and debris along the main east-west corridor through Dauphin Island.

The debris is generally small. However, there’s so much of it that it effectively blocks one lane of traffic here and there. That means some drivers have to come to a complete stop while they wait for an oncoming vehicle to pass.

UPDATE: 8:02 AM: The surf kept pushing further north and closer to Bienville Boulevard during the mid-morning hours. We started to see some pooling of water along some streets near Bienville. So far this appears to be par for the course when it comes to tropical weather for Dauphin Island. As a barrier island, the area often experiences bouts with flooding and storm effects.

ORIGINAL STORY: DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (WKRG) — News 5’s Chad Petri checked in before sunrise to have a look at conditions on Dauphin Island. There are portions of Bienville Boulevard on the extreme western end of the island that have flooding and water over the road. The rain has been steady for the past couple of hours. High winds are also churning up the surf.

There are no reports of significant damage on the island so far. We expect to see more flooding and sand piling up on the road as the storm system moves through.