MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Community members gathered Thursday night to discuss the whereabouts and future of Williamson High School’s football stadium.

In a meeting at the Harmon Center led by the Williamson High School Alumni Advocacy Group, many people who attended the meeting expressed their concerns as to why Williamson High School is the only school that has not broke ground on a new stadium.

LeFlore, Vigor, BC Rain and Davidson High Schools were the other four schools to begin construction on their own stadium.

Mobile City Councilman, William Carroll, tried to answer everyone’s questions, but he advised the group to focus on what Williamson needs, not what all the other schools have.

“You’d like the city to participate with the school system in order to make that goal happen because right now the city has the property you’d like to use, right?” asked Carroll to someone in the meeting. “That’s the number one goal over anything else. Your Superintendent can’t do anything about land.”

In a presentation given by the alumni group, they anticipate the Williamson High School stadium to be built on part of the land of Harmon Park.

Deshara Carey with the Alumni Advocacy Groups knows about the land issues with Williamson High School.

“If we are aware that Williamson was landlocked, we would think in regards to even moving forward or promising a stadium that would be the first thing that we would look to do,” said Carey. “Either do a land acquisition or do a transfer of land.”

Councilman Carroll suggested the group gets a ground lease in order to get their desired stadium.

He encourages the group to write a letter to school’s superintendent to try to make it happen.