MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Alabama Power officials are reminding customers to watch out for scams demanding money. A Saraland customer immediately saw through the latest con. If you got a similar call you might hear a robotic voice saying these words:

“This is an automated message from the disconnection department of Alabama Power (pause) electricity company (pause) to inform you, you will be experiencing a disconnection of service today in 30 minutes due to non-payment on the account.”

A key to this scam is tricking people into thinking there’s a sense of urgency and that the money has to be paid right now. Amy Davis found the message saved on her voice mail a few weeks ago and shared it with us to try and help others.

“I’ve worked in telecommunications before and there’s no such thing as a “disconnection department,” said Davis in a recent interview. Alabama Power officials say they’ll never call demanding immediate payment. Beth Thomas with Alabama Power says she’s glad to see some customers savvy enough to recognize a con.

Beth Thomas, Alabama Power: “It makes us feel good, and we hope people continue to share information with friends and family who might be vulnerable to these scams,” said Thomas.

Thomas says the power company will never demand payment over text or through gift cards. Those are signs of a scam off the bat.

The company wrote about this very scam nearly a year ago. Their article has more tips about how to recognize it.