THEODORE, Ala. (WKRG) — A Wendy’s employee was arrested over the weekend for allegedly committing credit card fraud with customers’ cards.

Mobile Police arrested LaToyia Whitfield, 37, on Sunday after they say she used her Square account on her phone to take people’s money while working the drive-thru at Wendy’s at the Pilot Center on Theodore Dawes Road.

Sonia Swiger was in the drive-thru last Thursday, Nov. 2, and realized her Wendy’s Biggie Bag was more than $5.

“The convenience of a drive-thru is no longer a convenience,” Swiger said.

Swiger was running errands Thursday afternoon and went to Wendy’s to pick up lunch. She went through the drive-thru and placed her order. On Saturday, Nov. 5, she would receive her bank statement and noticed a strange charge of $70.

“You don’t get that that much bacon on those sandwiches to justify that transaction,” she added.

She began her research, so she pulled out her Wendy’s receipt, and she noticed that the time stamp for her Wendy’s order, and the $70 transaction matched.

Both transactions took place on Nov. 2 at 4:23 p.m.

Once she realized the transactions matched, she went to Wendy’s to ask them what happened.

Upon further investigation, Mobile Police arrested Whitfield and charged her with fraudulent use of a credit card. MPD said Whitfield used the Square app on her phone, which is typically used as a point-of-sale system to help small and medium-sized businesses process transactions.

“So, you do the transaction at the drive-thru, and so you’re handing your card to her, and once she scans your card, she held your card and grabs your receipt and taps down on her phone because she’s already got it,” Swiger explained. “She had that phone sitting behind the receipt machine.”

Mobile Police tell us this is an active investigation, and they believe there could be several victims involved.

“I don’t pity her because it’s hard out here,” Swiger said. “You know, and people are having to donate plasma. People who have to, you know, recycle cans, you know, coupon any way they can to get some cash back, and for you to just take people’s money like that when we’re all struggling, it’s disgusting, you know, because we’re all struggling.”

Unfortunately for Swiger, she never got her money back and had to completely shut down her card, but she warns those who may not routinely check their bank statement to get in the habit of doing so to make there aren’t any fraudulent charges.

She hopes her experience will make people think twice before using someone else’s debit or credit card.

“I just really hope this is a life lesson,” she sighed.

Mobile Police say if you recently went to that specific Wendy’s location and believe you possibly might be affected to give them a call at 251-208-7211 to file a formal complaint.