SATSUMA, Ala. (WKRG) — A new ordinance in Satsuma puts a curfew on people under the age of 19 during Satsuma High School’s homecoming week. The Satsuma Police Department shared the new curfew ordinance in a Facebook post.

The ordinance says people under the age of 19 must “retire” from public spaces and business from midnight until 6 in the morning. The curfew went into affect at 12 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 11 ending at 6 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 18. Each curfew will go into affect at 12 a.m. and end at 6 a.m. daily.

According to the ordinance, violating the curfew could result in a court appearance and $100 fine upon first offense, up to a $500 fine and court appearance on second offense, and a third offense could result in another fine and possible imprisonment in the city jail for a parent or custodian.

“Said groups have been the subject of numerous complaints and there is the risk of potential violence between minors and the other minors and/or between minors and adults during said period of time,” reads the ordinance. “Realizing that said situations should not be allowed to escalate and that the only way to provide for the safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Satsuma, Alabama is for the City Council to enact, through its police powers, a temporary curfew to protect the citizens of the City.”

According to the ordinance, the only exception to the curfew would be in the event of:

  • the minor is in the employment of such operator or the establishment
  • the minor is on the premises as a result of a school function such as, but not limited to, a classroom project or field trip

Other exceptions

  • When the minor is accompanied by his or her parents
  • When the minor is upon an emergency errand directed by his or her parents
  • When the minor is going to or returning directly home from lawful employment that makes it necessary to be in such place during the proscribed period of time
  • When the minor is attending or traveling directly to or from an activity involving the exercise of the First Amendment, rights of free speech, freedom or assembly or free exercise of religion
  • When the minor is in a motor vehicle with parental consent for normal travel (Interstate and intrastate travel through the city is accepted in all case from the curfew)

Anyone under the age of 19 found by police during the curfew will be questioned. If it is determined the minor is in violated, the minor will be taken to the police department and the minor’s parents will have to immediately pickup the minor.

“Written notice shall be given to the parent that any subsequent violation with the minor will result in a ticket being issued to the parent,” reads the ordinance.

If a parent cannot be contacted, the officer will “deliver the minor to the Satsuma Police Department along with the proper paper work.”

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