BLOG: Protests spread across Mobile Sunday night

Mobile County

UPDATE: (11:07 PM)

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A massive police presence had part of Airport Boulevard closed down Sunday night as protesters caused problems in the area.

An officer on the scene tells WKRG News 5 that shots were fired in the area near Walmart and Lowe’s on Beltline. Protesters were in the area Sunday night. Windows were also broken out at the Lowe’s. One person appeared to be in custody at the Lowe’s. And someone tried to set a fire at the Staples store in the area too.

UPDATE (6:12 PM) — Protesters question Mayor Sandy Stimpson on his late arrival to the protest.

UPDATE (5:44 PM) – Mobile Police Chief Battiste speaks with protesters in Mardi Gras Park.

UPDATE (5:32 PM) — Director Barber instructs officers to move in to push the crowd out from the interstate.

UPDATE (5:24 PM) — News 5’s Brianna Hollis is at the silent vigil to honor Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.

UPDATE (5:19 PM) — Mobile Public Safety Director Barber spoke to News 5 saying they want to facilitate a peaceful protest. He continues to say that due to safety concerns, protesters must remove themselves from the interstate but if they’d like to return to Mardi Gras Park they’re more than welcome to do so.

UPDATE (5:10 PM) — Protesters and authorities attempt to have a peaceful discussion to alleviate the tension.

UPDATE (5:06 PM) — A cop car’s window was broken in response to the dispersed tear gas.

UPDATE (4:56 PM) — The police have released tear gas into the crowd of protesters.

UPDATE (4:54 PM) — “We Still Can’t Breathe” march is still in progress on I-10, police in gear have approached the interstate.

UPDATE (4:35 PM) — News 5 had the chance to speak to a man regarding an incident where protesters claimed he pulled out his gun.

Here’s his side of the story:

The man proclaims, “All Lives Matter,” a phrase that most African Americans feel only dilutes the intent of “Black Lives Matter.”

UPDATE (4:26 PM) — A silent vigil to honor Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd is set to begin at 5 p.m. on Cathedral Square in Downtown Mobile.

UPDATE (4:15 PM) — Chief Battiste spoke to News 5 regarding his encounter with a man equipped with an AR-15 rifle at Sunday’s protest. When asked to secure his rifle, Chief Battiste says the young man willingly complied.

UPDATE (4:01 PM) — Protesters joined in taking a knee, a movement that shook the sports industry back in 2016 to bring awareness to police brutality against African Americans.

UPDATE (3:47 PM) — A heated discussion erupts in the crowd, but is quickly deescalated with a group hug. A protester shouts, “It’s about education!”

UPDATE (3:42 PM) — It’s quite evident that there are conflicting philosophies amongst those protesting, while some want to “fight back,” others just want peace.

UPDATE (3:31 PM) — A protester encourages African Americans to go out and vote. She says that if we truly want a change, we need to remove these problematic figures from our office.

UPDATE (3:27 PM) — African American citizens question whether or not officers are actually doing what they were sworn in to do, and that’s protect no matter race or creed.

UPDATE (3:00PM) — A woman expresses her own secondhand experience with police brutality taking the life of her brother, Ray Anson Mitchell who died in 2013.

Officers reported that they received a call about a suspect prowling in a Mobile neighborhood on  Bonneville Drive. They proceeded to use a taser on 37-year-old Mitchell and that is when he became “combative” as they say he wrestled that taser out of the officer’s hand and proceeded to use it.

Deadly force was then used, as Mitchell was gunned down and his life was lost.

She states, “I’m tired of hatred…”

UPDATE (2:46 PM) — Protesters speak out about fighting back against the continuous oppression facing the African American community.

Some feel as though this needs to be handled “by any means necessary,” others say we need to take a more economically strategic approach to dismantle the oppression.

UPDATE (2:41 PM) — People start to gather at Mardi Gras Park to begin the protest for George Floyd and countless of other African Americans who have disproportionately lost their lives due to police brutality.

UPDATE: WKRG News 5’s Rose Ann Haven and Peter Albrecht will have LIVE breaking news coverage on and on the WKRG Facebook page.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A community group in Mobile is planning an event Sunday afternoon in light of the George Floyd protests. A group called “Mobile For Us” is organizing a march from Mardi Gras Park to the Dauphin Street Police Precint. It starts at 3 Sunday afternoon.


It’s called “We Still Can’t Breathe: Mobile’s Call to Action.” According to an event post organizers say “We have very few channels to fight for ourselves. Disrupting the system that built this is the only way for our suffering to end.” They describe it as a socially distant march and are asking people to bring a mask as well. As of early Sunday morning, more than 200 people on Facebook marked themselves as going.

View this gallery full of images from the protest:


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