MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The frustrations of sitting at red lights for extended periods of time in Mobile will soon be resolved. This is through a partnership between the city of Mobile and ALDOT.

“It’s time to modernize,” ALDOT Signal System engineer Jeremy Borden said. “It’s time to upgrade some equipment. We need to get out of the 80’s and come to the 21st century.”

Each traffic signal is being upgraded with new computers that are a part of the Regional Traffic Operation Program, giving access to real time control over traffic signal.

“You could save minutes on small trip, 30 minutes on longer trips,” City of Mobile Traffic Engineer Director Jennifer White said.

ALDOT said that this is projected to save drivers 20% of driving time by reducing the amount of “green” time caused by fixed times. Currently, drivers could be sitting at a red light for 15 to 45 seconds longer than needed when nobody else is on the roads.

RTOP also fixes light synchronization issues that Borden said is another headache Mobile drivers face.

“Five hundred feet down the road the next signal just went red,” Borden said. “So you get to move up 500 feet and then get to do it all over again.”

Currently over 100 traffic lights have seen upgrades including major roads like Government Street and parts of Airport Boulevard.

Once completed by the end of 2024, Mobile will be the first city in Alabama to have traffic signals completely operated by RTOP.