MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — The Mobile County Health Department Wednesday reported more than 12-hundred new cases in the County, that’s compared to 455 yesterday, a 165 percent increase.

Over 11 thousand cases were reported statewide yesterday and those health officials don’t see those numbers decreasing anytime soon. And five days into 2022 and Alabama has already reported 16,347 positive covid cases. Alabama Department of Public Health’s Dr. Wes Stubblefield said “Community transmission is extremely high right now and the chance of coming in contact with this virus in pretty much any setting is high and people need to be taking precautions.”

The Mobile County Health Department reported on Jan. 5 another record number of cases at 1,208. “We don’t have any idea of when these numbers will peak and there is only going to be so much capacity for testing and at some point, we may run into that.” Stubblefield said, “You know it’s still 10 times more deadly than the flu…even though it’s half as deadly as the previous variant there will still be some of us that get very sick, especially those most vulnerable.”

Alabama Department of Public Health says we have a 41 percent positivity rate but that number could be a lot higher due to issues with testing. Large turnouts at testing centers have led to some not being tested at all and at-home tests not being recorded in data.

Hospitalizations reported look low at only 16, but covid is still putting pressure on the healthcare system through serious staff shortages because so many workers are getting sick…and numerous patients showing up at ERs to get tested. They’re still recovering from the last COVID surge, they had to put off a lot of business that they needed to do while they were going through the pandemic and the delta surge and they were just going back to some of their regular activities and here we are again with hospital rates going up and that’s the stress we don’t need in our already fragile system.” Stubblefield said.

The Biden administration says it is in the process of purchasing 500 million at-home tests that will be administered through a website, which they plan to have up and running by the end of the month.