MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — One of the victims in the Ladd-Peebles Stadium shooting has a long road to recovery. 18-year-old Jakobe Morgan was one of five people shot inside the stadium during the Vigor-Williamson game.

Russia Madison, Morgan’s aunt, says this isn’t the first time her nephew had been hurt at a football game this year. “[He was] involved in another incident where between 8-10 guys beat him up at the game. Why he’s being targeted, I don’t have the answer to that. I don’t know,” Madison said. His mom, Gwendolyn Crawford posted to her Facebook page after the shooting he was jumped at Ladd-Peebles two weeks ago.

“We are traumatized about what happened to Kobe and the other kids at Ladd stadium,” said Russia Madison, Jakobe’s aunt.

Madison says her nephew was shot multiple times while at the football game Friday night.

“We’re expecting he’s going to have permanent, debilitative, psychological, and physical disabilities due to his injuries that he sustained that night at the football game,” Madison said.

Jakobe is in the hospital in Pensacola. Madison, who lives in Texas, drove to Pensacola to be with her family to lift their spirits, especially his mom’s. “She was prepared to celebrate her 50th birthday on Saturday, and of course, those plans were instantly changed due to what transpired Friday night at Ladd-Peebles Stadium,” Madison said.

Jakobe’s mother, Gwendolyn Crawford, and Russia Madison’s son at the hospital (Credit: Russia Madison)

He was shot five times, one bullet hit his kidney, one hit his spine, one hit his lip, and he was shot twice in the side. “We could have lost him — we could have lost another one. But thank God we didn’t,” Madison said.

Morgan’s family has experienced tragedy before. Three years ago his older brother Ty’Corey Crawford was shot and killed while he was playing video games inside his home. Their family says they don’t understand how this could have happened. Police have yet to make an arrest in Crawford’s murder. The family is still coping with that loss.

“Big deal to her as you all know, she still has not received any justice as to his loss. And now this,” Madison said.

Mobile Police say they are still working to determine the motive of Friday night’s shooting. They say there was some type of argument between two groups, and one of the suspects pulled out his gun and started shooting.

Madison says her family wants answers from the city.

“What plan do they have to correct or curb the crime that is taking place in the city of Mobile, Ala. Why are these teenagers having access to these guns,” Madison asked.

Jakobe’s had several surgeries, and his family says he doesn’t have any feeling in his left leg. They say it will be a long road to recovery.