MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The victims in the 2021 Ladd Peebles Stadium shooting that left five injured filed a lawsuit against the city, the county, the school system, and several other parties alleging their negligence that led to firearms being brought into the stadium.

In the 20-page lawsuit, the plaintiffs are seeking punitive damages for their pain and suffering.

The shooting happened in October 2021 during the fourth quarter of the Williamson-Vigor game. The suspects, Hezekiah Belfon and Jai Scott, were arrested and charged with five counts of attempted murder.

The lawsuit claims Mishkin Ground Inc., the security company hired for the game, failed to follow and abide by some of their safety measures.

The measures that were put in place after a previous shooting took place during the LeFlore-Williamson game in August 2019 that injured 10 people.

According to the lawsuit, Scott and Belfon exited the stadium to retrieve their guns during the third quarter. They returned to the stadium with their weapons since the metal detectors were removed after halftime.

The lawsuit claims the security company hired for the game “unreasonably placed high school football spectators on the front line to have to confront shooters without adequate protection and security.”

The suspects, Belfon and Scott, both asked to be treated as youthful offenders in this case.

Belfon asked in March, but his request was denied, so he filed a motion to be immune from prosecution since he acted in self defense.

Scott also applied to be treated as a youthful offender, but nothing has been decided on his request yet.

Both of them are expected to be in court on Thursday.