ATMORE, Ala. (WKRG) — Since this summer, DA’s and law enforcement agencies have been barred from identifying minors accused of crimes, even felonies like murder. While the law is meant to protect privacy, some worry it’s also helping suspects avoid law enforcement. Prichard Police say they know who killed a man outside a restaurant earlier this year but can’t release his name because he’s a minor.

In this case, it involves the victim of a murder, 25-year-old La’Craig Brown. We spoke to his family earlier this year. I returned to Atmore this morning to follow up with family members since a murder warrant for the alleged shooter was issued weeks ago. Whether it’s the pile of pictures at home or the decals on cars, La’Craig Brown’s memory lives on around Atmore.

“I’m not OK, it gets to the point where when someone asks I just say “I’m doing” because I’m not doing OK,” said the victim’s mother Kia Brown. La’Craig Brown was shot in the parking lot of Fry Daddy’s in Prichard back in September and later died from his injuries. Prichard Police confirmed a murder warrant has been issued but they can’t release the name because it’s a minor–a young man who’s still on the run.

“You shall reap what you sow and God’s getting ready to expose you,” said Kia Brown. Family members say they hope whoever is responsible for La’Craig Brown’s death will be held truly accountable.

“That was an adult action, you went and killed an adult and why can’t you be known as an adult when it comes to your actions,” said the victim’s Cousin Ysuna Staples. Family members say the law governing the confidentiality of minors accused of crimes makes little sense.

Kia Brown, mother: “It makes me upset, he was grown enough to do the crime, he knows right from wrong,” said Kia Brown. “How do you sleep at night, knowing what you did, you should know how it feels, to have a loss.” Family members say La’Craig Brown sold shoes for a living and traveled to Prichard to close a deal, they believe it was a set-up for a robbery.