DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (WKRG) – Tropical Storm Claudette brought heavy rain and coastal flooding to Dauphin Island on Saturday morning as the storm made landfall on the coast of Louisiana.

This island was on the east side of the storm. Winds reached gusts of over 40 miles per hour and waves reached heights up to 12 feet.

Jeff Collier, the Mayor of Dauphin Island, told WKRG News 5 he isn’t surprised by the impacts the island experienced because of the storm.

“Looking at the expected track and the intensity of the storm, this is almost exactly what I thought was going to happen,” says Mayor Collier.

No damage was reported on the island from the storm.

But just north of the island at the Cedar Point Fishing Pier, a pickup truck was hit by a large board because of a tornado that spun up as a result of the tropical storm.

People at the scene told WKRG News 5 that no one was injured.

It happened just after 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

On the island itself, most of the impacts were felt on the west end.

Coastal flooding temporarily shut down Bienville Blvd at Sehoy St.

Mayor Collier says it could have been worse.

“This could’ve been a lot worse obviously, it just shows us how quickly things can spin up and be a problem. Of course, living on the coast, we know that,” says Mayor Collier.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to download the free Dauphin Island mobile app to stay up to date on current conditions.