CITRONELLE, Ala. (WKRG) — A family in Citronelle is trying to save what they can after a large tree smashed their home Saturday. It happened sometime Saturday afternoon. On Easter, Sunday relatives with chainsaws cut through a giant tree. The tree cut through the Medley home. It just happened they weren’t home when it fell.

“We passed the house and I was just in tears you drive past your home and you see a tree in it, you don’t prepare yourself for it at all,” said Leslie Medley. They’re lucky no one was seriously hurt, had they been home it could have been a bigger disaster.

“The room that was destroyed was my oldest little boy’s room there’s nothing left in there,” said Leslie Medley. In addition to the bedroom, the tree also caused extensive damage elsewhere–cracking the roof, flooding the living room, crushing the ceiling above a bathroom, and smashing the front porch.

“Just shock, I mean you see it a lot on TV and stuff like that and you think luckily it wasn’t me but it got us,” said Jeff Medley. It appears this was a small storm–so small that even though it wrecked this house, it appears there was no other significant storm damage in the area.

“It’s strange, really strange, of all the trees that could have fell, that one had to fall,” said Jeff Medley. A GoFundMe Page has been put together to help cover expenses following this hardship.